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Corporate Environmental Policy Statement

GRIDCo Rules & Standards


  1. GRIDCo is committed to ensuring continuous improvement of environmental performance to minimize the impacts of all its operations on the environment, in line with the principles of sustainable energy sector development, in addition to complying with National and International Environmental Protection Standards and Regulations and make Environmental considerations a priority in all Business Planning.
  2. In furtherance to its aims, GRIDCo will pursue the following specific objectives:
    • Develop and implement Environmental Management Systems for all its operational Units to:
      • Assess Environmental impacts of processes. operations and products.
      • Focus on Pollution prevention, Protection of Biodiversity and Waste reduction.
      • Ensure compliance with National and International Environmental Protection Regulations.
      • Set annual Environmental targets to ensure continuous improvements.
      • Monitor and report on Environmental Performance as required by the appropriate agencies and stakeholders.
    • Ensure minimum Environmental impact of GRIDCo's operations and take adequate steps to mitigate any such anticipated adverse impacts.
    • Promote Environmental awareness and individual sense of responsibility among its employees and provide adequate empowerment and training for personnel to perform Environmental jobs satisfactorily.
    • Support research efforts on materials, products, processes and pollution reduction techniques that are directly related to its operations.
    • Contribute to the development of public policy and programmes that enhance Environmental awareness and protection.
    • Promote open dialogue on Environmental issues.
    • Undertake programmes in collaboration with relevant agencies and communities to mitigate the impact on the livelihood of individuals and communities displaced or affected by GRIDCo's operations.
  3. Each employee of GRIDCo is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the objectives of this policy Statement are diligently carried out.