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Statement from the Chief Executive to Staff (2018)

GRIDCo Press





GRIDCo will be celebrating its 10th anniversary   this year. GRIDCo continues to play a critical role in national development as a strategic national asset that serves as the backbone to power delivery. Our role in the concerted efforts to move the country to another level therefore requires that we work diligently to deliver the expected operational excellence from now and beyond.

As staff, in carrying out our various duties, it will be good to always remind ourselves of the following:

GRIDCo’ Vision is to be the model electricity grid company. We are all to work as a team to achieve this vision. This will require that we cultivate the right working attitude. We owe it to ourselves, GRIDCo and Ghana to work with a dedicated sense of duty as we go about our normal work schedules.

It is my expectation that we continue to work efficiently. This means we have to know and adhere to our policies. Every aspect of our work is governed by a policy. These policies outline what are expected of us and the consequences we will suffer if we flout any of them. Take note that Management will ensure the strict application of all policies.

Additionally, there is the need for us to be cost conscious. Since its operationalization on August 1, 2008, the company has been reporting profits. However for the past five (5) years, these profits only reflect in the books but not in our accounts.  This makes our current situation a dire one. For some time now, Management has been implementing stringent “cost cutting” measures. Together with my team, we pledge to do our best to help GRIDCo come out of the current situation. However, this fight must be a collective one. Our work processes must be reflective of a cost conscious attitude. Let us save GRIDCo money in our individual small ways; together as a team, our efforts will help the Company come out of its current financial difficulty.

We must also renew our commitment to self-discipline. We must be disciplined in all aspects of our lives, especially our working lives. Work starts at 8.00 a.m. and ends at 4.00 p.m. Staff must therefore be in the office before 8.00 a.m. to be ready to start work at 8.00 a.m. It is my expectation that we will be dedicated to duty in these important aspects of our work life.

I am confident that if we set ourselves to work harder in 2018, we all will reap the fruits of our hard labour.



Chief Executive