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Board Chairman's Message to Staff (2018)

GRIDCo Press


As we enter the year 2018, the Board of Directors wishes to extend to the management and staff of GRIDCo its heartfelt compliments of the season and a happy new year.
It is important to begin the new year by reflecting on our individual and collective contributions towards the fulfillment of the core mission of the company, which is to serve as the backbone to power delivery in Ghana and the sub-region. We must always be mindful that the Power transmission network is the most important link in Ghana's energy system. Power transmission and transformation is critical to the development of Ghana’s economy and the quality of life of Ghanaians. Secure and reliable infrastructure for the transmission of power is at the heart of our raison d’etre.
High on the list of the many challenges facing GRIDCo is the current financial crisis. This situation must see a marked improvement in 2018 since it impacts on all operations and activities. Every member of staff of GRIDCo must contribute to the success of the effort to attain financial solvency, else we risk the nightmare of the collapse of our organization.
This priority therefore defines our mission for 2018: “Attaining Financial Solvency to ensure a Secure and Reliable Network”.
The Board remains committed to the achievement of this goal. Together with management we have begun the process of realigning the organization towards achieving our 2018 mission. A strategic retreat at the end of last year in Ada was successful in setting out what we all need to do.  What is also required, among other things, is a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility by GRIDCo management and staff. Directors of the various departments shall be expected to offer exemplary and innovative leadership to ensure their departments achieve optimal results.
The Board expects each department and every member of staff, led by GRIDCo’s Management to work as a team united by a common purpose. That is the only way we can fulfill our mission and achieve the best for GRIDCo and Ghana.
Board Chairman