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Safety Policy & Responsibilities

GRIDCo Public Education


The Ghana Grid Company Ltd. is committed to making safety a primary concern throughout the organization. It also seeks to achieve an acceptable standard of safety for its employee by effectively managing all risks resulting from or associated with its activities and operations.

The policy and responsibilities of various players involved in achieving this goal are indicated below:


  1. Occupational injuries, accidents and illness can be prevented. The prevention of such injuries, accidents and illness shall be incorporated into all aspects of works activity performed for and on behalf of GRIDCo.
  2. Management accepts responsibility for preventing occupational injuries, accident and illness. The Chief Executive is responsible for the fulfillment of the policy assisted by his deputies, directors, managers and heads of special units.
  3. Management is responsible for:
    • Ensuring the availability of adequate protective clothing, tools and equipment to all employees.
    • Establishing safe working practice, procedures and directives
    • Employees receiving training, orientation and retraining to enable them work safely
  4. All employees have a personal responsibility to work safely and contribute to the achievement of high level of performance in safety.
  5. All employees shall comply with:
    • Applicable safety Acts
    • GRIDCo Safety Rules, Protection Code and Safe Working Practice
  6. All contractors and employees of such contractors when working for GRIDCo on GRIDCo sites or facilities shall comply with:
    • Applicable Safety Acts.
    • GRIDCo Standard Protection Codes and Safe working Practice

Contractors or their employees working where a special knowledge is required to work safely shall perform the work under the direct supervision of competent GRIDCo personnel.


Employees have responsibility to the Company, themselves and others to:

  • Be aware that the responsibility for health and safety is that of each and every employee.
  • Carry out their duties in safe manner
  • Be familiar with the safety rules and protection code of GRIDCo
  • Be aware of the health and safety of the equipment plant and materials with which they are working.