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Right of Way

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An electric transmission line right-of-way (ROW) is a strip of land used by Electrical utilities to construct, operate, maintain and repair the transmission line facilities.

The width of a right-of-way depends on the voltage of the line and the height of the structures. The right-of-way generally must be clear of unauthorized structures that could interfere with a power line.

In Ghana L.I. 542 regulates R.O.W as follows:

The ROW or transmission Line ROW includes the area extending for a distance of fifteen (15) meters on each side from the center of the transmission tower for 69 kilovolts and 161 kilovolts transmission lines and twenty (20) meters for 225 kilovolts and 330 kilovolts transmission lines.

69kV 30 Meters
161kV 30 Meters
225kV 40 Meters
330kV 40 Meters

It shall be an offence for any person whether by himself or in co-operation with others to do or assist in doing any of the following acts in relation to the transmission lines:

  • to drill, mine or excavate or carry on any similar operation within the transmission line right of way;
  • to place any combustible material inside the right of way;
  • to cause any fire to burn within two hundred (200) feet of the transmission line right of way;
  • to climb on to, attach to or hang any object on or from any tower or transmission line;
  • to cause anything to come into contact with the transmission line;
  • to place, drive, tow, pull or carry any crane, jig, boom, or any object, under, over or near the transmission line unless the minimum distance from the conductors or any of them of such object is not less than eighteen (18) feet;
  • except with the preview consent of the Authority obtain in writing and subject to any condition that the Authority may impose in relation to such consent:
  • to carry on any form of blasting within one thousand five hundred (1,500) feet of any transmission line; or
  • to construct any building or structure or carry on any kind of cultivation, farming or farming activity within the transmission line right of way.

For technical and safety reasons the following vertical clearances shall be observed within the transmission line Right of Way.

Normal ground 6.7 at 650
Main roads 8.0
Secondary roads 7.2
Railways 9.0
Lines up to 34.5 kV 3.0
Communication lines 3.5