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National Grid

GRIDCo National Grid


Energy produced from the generating stations is transmitted to VRA power sale customers through an interconnected transmission network at 69, 161 and 225kV voltage levels. The existing transmission network comprises:

  1. 161kV closed loop grid serving the concentrated load of the southern part of Ghana
  2. A long 161kV radial line from Kumasi to the relatively lightly loaded northern part of Ghana
  3. A 161kV radial line from Techiman to Sawla in the north-western part of the country, which extends to Wa, in the Upper West Region at 34.5kV
  4. A single circuit 225kV 220km transmission line between Prestea substation in the Western part of Ghana and Abobo substation, located near Abidjan in Cote d'Ivoire.
  5. A double circuit 161kV line connecting the Akosombo Generating Plant in Ghana to Lome substation in Togo, to supply power to both Togo and Benin

The Transmission Grid

The transmission grid comprises a matrix of substations and transmission lines. It includes over 5,000 kilometers of high voltage transmission lines operating at 161kV and 69kV and the interconnection to Cote d'Ivoire at 225kV.

The on-going implementation of 330kV projects will see 330kV replacing 161kV as the primary transmission voltage. The transmission lines are linked to 68 primary substations (transformation and switching substations) with total installed transformer capacity of 2,630MVA. Electricity supply voltage is reduced at these substations to 34.5kV, 11.5kV, 6.6kV, etc., for supply to bulk supply customers and/or for onward distribution to end-users.

The Ghana power network is also interconnected with the power grids of neighbouring Cote d'Ivoire (CIE), Togo and Benin (CEB). A Map of the transmission grid is shown below:

330 kV 429 km
161 kV 4,193.36 km
225 kV 74.3 km
69 kV 138.8 km
No. of Transformers 103
Transformer Capacity 3,870.86 MVA
No. of Transformer/Switching Substations 53
Largest switching Substation is Volta substation Tema
Transformer Substations 330/161kV 161/69kV 161/34.5kV 161/11.5kV Stations